Our Vision

"For our children we will build you a school where you can dream, so dream on"


The outcomes of the Every Child Matters framework: be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic and personal well-being are our starting points. We aspire to be a leading provider of education to children and young people, whatever their background and wherever they need our expertise.

"Dream, believe and succeed together"

Our motto is one in which all of these aspirations are realised for all our children and young people. The principles are:

Ensuring a child’s chances of success are not related to his or her socio-economic background, gender or ethnicity.

Our school is designed around the needs of each child, with the expectation that all learners achieve high standards.

All our children and young people will leave primary school with functional skills in English and mathematics, understanding how to learn, think creatively, take risks and handle change.

Teachers use their skills and knowledge to engage children and young people as partners in learning, acting quickly to adjust their teaching in response to pupils’ learning.

School draws in parents as their child’s co-educators, engaging them and increasing their capacity to support their child’s learning.

We believe that personalising learning and teaching must play a central role in children realizing their full academic potential.

We nurture children in how to care for themselves and others.

We will involve our children in helping us to construct the curriculum because we value them.

Our Mission Statement: Promoting Development and Equality For All

Kingsland School aims to create a welcoming, happy, healthy and stimulating atmosphere in which children can develop and sustain caring relationships alongside high standards of behaviour and achievement, striving for mastery within the curriculum. The importance of emotional literacy and the well-being of every child underpins all activities. At Kingsland School we believe that all children and staff are entitled to feel safe, secure and confident in school, without threat of intimidation.