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Well done to all of our award winners. We are so proud of all of you for working and trying so hard! This week's award winners are: Star Pupil of the week: Universities of; Nottingham – Jacob, Liverpool – Lexi-Leigh, Exeter – Aisha, Birmingham – Frankie, Leeds – Mia & Cole, York – Frankie, Manchester – Jessica, Oxford – Demi & Leighton. Headteacher’s Awards: Universities of; Aberystwyth – Azita, Warwick – Kali, Liverpool – Logean, Exeter – Logan, York – Alana, Manchester – Roy, Oxford – Skye, Cambridge – Phoebe. Swimming Awards: 5m & 10m Louis, Shay, Cora, Georgina – 25m Toby, 100m Brooke.



Year 5 Blog

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Y5T went to Safeside, a place where children can learn about safety. 

Firstly we went to a village, the village was a fake village just to show what it was like incase an emergency happened near to you. We first went to the bus where they showed a video of a criminal who vandalised public property by drawing on bus stops and on bus windows or carving their name with a very sharp knife etc.

When we came out of the bus we did a scenario where one of the pupils had dropped a (fake) phone and tried to reach for it but they were 'electrocuted'. The guide , who was with also with us, tried to get it with an umbrella stick but when he reached for it , the electricity box, there was smoke coming out which quite stinked. what we didn't know is that the guide pressed a button which made the smoke appear... clever guide!

We then went into the place called Nationwide where the guide told us all about how criminals can put unique tools into the machine without the assistants looking and when somebody inserts their card, when the card is inside the machine the tools can make acopy of your card and use your money... to stop this before your put your card feel the edges of the slot and if it is smooth then it means your card won't be copied and if it is very bumpy then you better tell someone because this is a very serious thing.

After that we went into an alleyway or a subway.. there was graffiti all over the walls and as we went further in there was a 'dog' and there was a mannequin which had a ciggarette and and some drugs and was 'spray-painting' the wall.

Soon after that we learnt that if you accidentally get dog poo i your eyes you can be blinded.We went to this sewage type place and we saw that (when the guide pressed the button) a mannequin child just came up from the water and the guide explained how we could save the child in a real emergency.

The things that the guides had showed us was incase of an real emergency. 

By Waania - Y5

safe side

I really enjoyed going to safe side. It was amazing.

My favourite part was when we went to the bank and then we went to the co operative.

It was very interesting and i learnt lots of different things about what you should and shouldnt do in the bank and the shops.

The scariest bit was when we were in the alley way and as we turned the corner there was a pretend dog and man but it was pitch black so it was really scary. Also when we were by the water and we saw a boy drowning that was also really scary.

The whole experience was amazing and i learnt at least one thing in each different section but most of them i learnt one or two more things.

By Olivia

Stay Safe Online

Always remeber to make sure you know who you add on online websites.

Never tell or give people your password to any one you do or dont know.

Make sure you make your password safe and at least change it every 6 weeks and tell your parent beacause if they want to go on it they can. Put your old password in and it might never let you get back on.

Make sure you dont click on any pop ups because you might get hacked.

 By Casey

Safe Side

Recently we went to Safe Side and we all enjoyed it and I really hope we go there again!

Firstly, we learnt about E-safety and not to meet up with anyone ever because they might be kidnappers and they might ask you for you're personal information. Nver meet up with any one in real life because they might try to hurt you. 

 By Reece