Kingsland Primary School

Bandywood Crescent, Kingstanding, Birmingham, B44 9NA




The Governing Board's aim is to work closely with the Headteacher, the Deputy, and the staff, in order to help the children at the school achieve their full potential, in a happy, caring environment.

The key elements in achieving this aim are listed below:

  • Monitoring the performance and progress of all the children at the school.
  • Supporting the staff to teach and care for the children.
  • In discussion with the Headteacher, ensuring that the resources of the school are best utilised.
  • Forward planning with the Headteacher and Deputy to ensure that the overall performance of staff, children, and hence the school, continues to improve.

To enable the Governors to achieve these objectives, the Body is made up of key groups within the school, parents, staff, the Local Authority and the community.

The Board generally meets once a term; a number of sub-committees focus on finance, staffing, buildings, health and safety and the curriculum. Individual members of the Board focus on particular subjects, ie. numeracy, literacy, ICT, etc. A pecuniary interest list is available from the clerk to Governors.

We welcome views from our parents and supporters, and hopefully this summary will give you a brief insight into the role of the Governing Board.

Mr Clifton

mr-cliftonI was appointed to the Governing Body by the Local Authority about 15 years ago . I was appointed as Chair of Governors in 2015 after having been Vice Chair of Governors for eight years.

I have recently retired from a career in Local Government working in Community Safety, being the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership’s Senior Policy Officer for anti-social behaviour and conflict resolution.

I am an ex pupil of Kingsland Primary School, having attended from 1956 – 1959, where after passing my 11+ examination I went on to Great Barr School. I still live in the local community and have seen the school change physically over the years to evolve into the really modern school we have today.

The role of a school governor is an important one and sometimes a challenging one. However, I really enjoy my role as a governor and I am committed to ensuring that the school continues to provide excellent teaching and learning in a welcoming environment. I am regularly in school, to observe teaching, pupil behaviour and I work with the children (which is the fun part of the role). I am currently class governor for Year 5 and support the class governor for Year 3. I also help out with football training and coach the school football team.

 David Clifton

Mr Thornhill

mr-thornhillHello, I am Andy Thornhill. I was appointed Vice-Chair of Governors in 2015, after being a parent governor for many years. I still have one daughter in Key Stage 2 at Kingsland. I have lived in Great Barr and Kingstanding for the last 44 years. I was born in 1967 and lived in Great Barr with my parents and younger sister from 1971 and moved to Kingstanding in 1999 with my fiancée Pauline. I was schooled at Great Barr Comprehensive and continued there after taking my O-Levels (kids you won’t know what they were!) in the Sixth Form for another two years.

I left school and went to work in my dad’s engineering business until the recession hit the manufacturing industry when I was forced out. I then became a pub manager and I ran pubs for the next ten years! I’ve also been a golf club steward and a part time stock taker for national companies and also been a mobile DJ as well! I am currently working as an estate agent as assistant branch manager for one of the largest estate agency brands in the West Midland helping people buy and sell homes. I have done that since 1999 and thoroughly enjoy it!

As part of the governing body, we had massive involvement in the plans to transform and rebuild the school resulting in its opening on 4th July 2008. I have seen the schools’ test results in Key Stage 1 and 2 improve year on year. The Governing Body is responsible for the smooth running of the school. Everything that happens from teaching, staffing, budgeting, spending, extracurricular activities, staff appointments, building fabric and finance, the Governing Body has a say and input into what happens. Thank you for your time in reading this and if you would like to speak to me personally about my role, please contact the school.

Andy Thornhill

Mrs Williams

mrs-williamsMy name is Audrey Williams and I am very happy to be a part of the lively, hardworking Governing body who give their time freely in order to support and sometimes challenge all aspects of school life at Kingsland primary School. As a teaching assistant at a local school I have an understanding and experience of the school's curriculum. With the dedication of the Headteacher, Ms Willis, and with the effort of her hardworking team of staff and the other governors, we strive to ensure that Kingsland continues to provide high quality education and secures a good outcome for every pupil while constantly seeking to improve. It is always a pleasure to come into the school to see the children in their learning environment and feel the 'buzz' around the school.

Mrs Williams

Mr Wynn


Hello, I’m Steve Wynn.

I’ve been a parent governor for the past four years and I’ve just been re-elected on to the governing board. I have enjoyed my time as a governor, coming into school, getting to know the staff and pupils and seeing all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make Kingsland a great school. We attend regular meetings to discuss how we can continue to improve the school.

I have lived in Kingstanding for thirty seven years. I attended Warren Farm Junior and Senior schools. I work as a delivery driver, delivering pharmaceutical products to chemists and supermarkets and I find it is a very rewarding job. I am married and have got two daughters at Kingsland. They are both doing very well and I am proud that they attend such a great school.

 Steve Wynn

Mrs Griffiths

mrs-griffithsHello, I'm Sarah Griffiths. I am a parent governor at Kingsland Primary School; a role I am proud to be a part of. I also volunteer to listen to pupils read once a week, something I find very enjoyable. I am looking forward to working more with the school as a governor and supporting parents, pupils and staff at Kingsland and helping the school to continue to strive for excellence. I come from a finance background and I have a Level 3 qualification in STLS. I hope both these qualifications will support my role and in turn support everyone else at the school.

Sarah Griffiths

Mrs Shaylor

mrs-shaylorHello, I am Aimee Shaylor. I am newly appointed to the role of parent governor, and I am looking forward to working with the school. I am currently link governor for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Year 3. I am hoping that the knowledge I gained through my Early Years and Inclusion Degree, together with the experiences offered within my employment of social work will enable me to achieve the key functions of the governing body therefore making a positive contribution to the pupils of Kingsland Primary School. Aimee Shaylor

Aimee Shaylor

Mrs Ward


My name is Tracy Ward and I am a newly appointed governor. I work for the Education Welfare Service and have been an Attendance Officer for 8 years. I have been part of Kingsland School as their Attendance Officer for the past 4 years. My previous roles have been as a Teaching Assistant and Behaviour Support in various Schools in Birmingham and Sandwell.

Tracy Ward

Mr Ovais


My name is Mohammed Ovais and I joined the Kingsland Primary School Governing Board in June 2019. I volunteered via the local authority because I want to give back to the community and helping children is a great way to do that. I studied for my GCSEs just up the road at North Birmingham Academy and then later attended Joseph Chamberlain college for my A Levels. I was fortunate enough to attend Aston University and complete my Bachelors and then later my Master’s Degree. Most of my professional career has been working in IT as either an Engineer or an Architect. I have supported private and public sector clients improving their IT infrastructure. I love working in IT and cannot overstate the importance of it for the development of everyone. As a governor I would like to help the board, staff, parents and most importantly the children. The children will shape our community and anything I can do to aid in their journey through Kingsland School – I will. I look forward to working with the other members of board. Mohammed.

Mrs Hockley


Hello, I’m Kelly Hockley

I am a Parent Governor at Kingsland Primary School. I am link governor for mental health and year 6. My background is in law and I am passionate about equality, equity and justice. I believe that children should be empowered to reach for the stars irrespective of background or ability, which is the main driver to becoming a parent governor. I hope that my background and ethos both supports and where appropriate, challenges the school so as to improve the school experience for all children. Kind regards Kelly .

List of Governors

 Here is a list of the Governing board. The term of office end date is shown in brackets.

Mrs Karen Sedgwick

Headteacher (until 31.12.3000)

Mrs Judith Dovey

Staff Governor (20.01.2020 - 19.01.2024)

Mr David Clifton

Chair of Governors (07.02.2019 - 06.02.2023)

Mr Andrew Thornhill

Vice Chair of Governors (07.02.2019 - 06.02.2023)

Mrs Tracy Ward

Co-opted (12.07.2018 - 11.07.2022)

Mrs Audrey Williams

Co-opted (20.06.2019 - 19.06.2023)

Mr Steve Wynn

Co-opted (20.09.2018 - 19.09.2022)

Mrs Susan Collins 

Co-opted (06.02.2020 - 05.02.2024)

Mr Mohammed Ovais

Local Authority (20.06.2019 - 19.06.2023)

Mrs Amiee Shaylor

Parent Governor (01.10.2018 - 30.09.2022)

Mrs Kelly Hockley

Parent Governor (29.01.2020 - 28.01.2024)

Mrs Sarah Griffiths

Parent Governor (01.10.2018 - 30.09.2022)

Mrs Denise Whitehouse

Clerk to Governors (until 31.12.3000)


Committee 2020-2021


This page will provide information on the Governing committee members, their roles and areas of responsibility.

All documents on this page are pdf files unless otherwise stated.

Class Governors List 2020-2021

Committee 2020-2021

Governor Attendance Meetings 2019-2020

Governor Attendance Meetings 2020-2021

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