Kingsland Primary School

Bandywood Crescent, Kingstanding, Birmingham, B44 9NA



List of Governors

 Here is a list of the Governing board. The term of office end date is shown in brackets.

Mrs Karen Sedgwick

Headteacher (until 31.12.3000)

Mrs Judith Dovey

Staff Governor (20.01.2020 - 19.01.2024)

Mr David Clifton

Chair of Governors (07.02.2019 - 06.02.2023)

Mr Andrew Thornhill

Vice Chair of Governors (07.02.2019 - 06.02.2023)

Mrs Tracy Ward

Co-opted (12.07.2018 - 11.07.2022)

Mrs Audrey Williams

Co-opted (20.06.2019 - 19.06.2023)

Mr Steve Wynn

Co-opted (20.09.2018 - 19.09.2022)

Mrs Susan Collins 

Co-opted (06.02.2020 - 05.02.2024)

Mr Mohammed Ovais

Local Authority (20.06.2019 - 19.06.2023)

Mrs Amiee Shaylor

Parent Governor (01.10.2018 - 30.09.2022)

Mrs Kelly Hockley

Parent Governor (29.01.2020 - 28.01.2024)

Mrs Sarah Griffiths

Parent Governor (01.10.2018 - 30.09.2022)

Mrs Denise Whitehouse

Clerk to Governors (until 31.12.3000)


Committee 2019-2020


Full Governors: Mr David Clifton (Chair), Mr Andrew Thornhill (Vice-Chair)

Finance/ Staffing: Mr David Clifton (Chair)

Standards/ Curriculum: Mrs Audrey Williams (Chair), Mr David Clifton (Vice-Chair)

Premises/ Health/ Safety: Mr Andrew Thornhill (Chair), Mrs Audrey Williams (Vice-Chair)

For a full breakdown of the responsibilities of the Governing Board, please click here.

For a list of Governor attendance at meetings, please click here.