Kingsland Primary School

Bandywood Crescent, Kingstanding, Birmingham, B44 9NA



Curriculum Overview

For many years, Kingsland Primary School has been developing a fully resourced, intelligently sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum, informed by the best research evidence available.

The curriculum is underpinned by the best evidence about how pupils learn. The units are intelligently sequenced to ensure that key knowledge is retained and developed over time. All resources are coherently aligned, allowing complete clarity during teaching.

The knowledge organiser is the beating heart of each unit. The core content is meticulously curated and itemised to clarify the necessary (but not sufficient) knowledge necessary to develop a sophisticated schema for each unit of work. Over the course of the years, these knowledge organisers ensure that all pupils become ‘culturally literate’ (Hirsch, 1987) and have the opportunity to engage in ‘powerful knowledge’ (Young, 2013) A knowledge organiser acts as a planning, teaching and assessment tool. It provides complete clarity to leaders, teachers, pupils and parents about what is expected to be learnt and remembered by the end of the lesson, the unit, and in the long term.

Please click on the Year group of choice and look at our knowledge organisers for each unit of work your child will be studying.